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How to Use CCCustom Watches
-Automatic Movements-

A Step-by-Step Guide

Starting The Watch

Automatic watches must be wound to work, and can do so manually or automatically. When your watch is stopped, you can either shake the watch until it starts, or unscrew the crown and turn the crown clockwise until it starts. 

See "Product Info" for more info on why these techniques work.

Shown in video: Unscrewing crown and manually winding

Adjusting the time

After the crown is unscrewed, it can be gently pulled out and you will hear two clicks. The first click being the date/date adjustment, and the second click being the time adjustment.

Once on the second click, turning the crown clockwise will move the time forwards. Push the crown back in when finished.

Tip: Turn the crown clockwise until you see the date change before you set the time. This is how you know you are at midnight, and allows you to know if you are in the AM or PM.

Shown in video: Setting time to 2PM

Adjusting the day/date

After the crown is pushed back in, pull it out to the first click. For watches that do not show date or day, this step can be skipped. 

To change the date, turn the crown counter-clockwise.

To change the day, turn the crown clockwise.

Gently press the crown back in when finished.

Tip: Avoid manually changing the day/date during the hours of 10PM-2AM (When the day/date is switching over) as it can potentially interfere with the day/date function.

*For GMT movements, turning the crown clockwise in this position will set the 24hr hand*

Shown in video: Setting day/date to Wednesday, 5th

Last Step!

After the crown has been pushed back in from either the first or second click, gently push in while turning clockwise to screw the crown back on the case. Once the crown is screwed down, enjoy your water-tight seal!

Shown in video: Screwing in crown

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